Holistic Healthcare Plans

Since 2017, North Carolina residents can apply for Health Possible’s affordable, custom, wellness healthcare and build the plan of their dreams.

We’re Changing Healthcare.

We’re not insurance, we’re all-inclusive wellness, and we’re making it a priority.


Have questions about your current Plan? Let’s get you connected with our support team.


Looking for affordable and individualized wellness for your staffs needs? We can do that.


It takes a team to execute our mission. Providers, Sponsors, and other Partners are welcome.

Relationships in Healthcare

Human health is greatly impacted by social circles and our support network. Health Possible is leading you to great relationships in health and making it affordable to stay with them. Build your own provider support team to positively influence your life and your relationships.

We know you’ll feel this.


From Occupational Therapy, to Personal Training, Cooking Classes, Mental Health, all the way to Financial Counseling, we are bringing Providers together to change every human lifestyle.

Our Goal

“We want to live in a world where our society truly values wellness and commands an early and serious investment in personal and community health. We want to live in a world where people take responsibility for themself and their decisions, and our solution to that is affordable healthcare that makes the patient the expert – empowerment.”

Sara R. Auld, Founder

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Medical Centers & Hospitals

Refer Your Patients

If a patient has a preventable illnesses or condition, you can treat the whole person by getting them enrolled to a Custom Wellness Plan™ with a personalized provider support team. Refer them today and a Health Possible Enrollment Specialist will walk them through the application process.