Conscious Eating

The new book, The Yoga Plate, shows how to bring the spirit of yoga into the vegan kitchen.

Yoga is about far more than spending an hour on a rubber mat. It is about creating a spiritual life by transforming our daily activities into actions infused with a higher consciousness. That said, yoga is not a religion; it is non-sectarian and non-denominational. The path of yoga is about taking our lifestyle and moving it into a realm that harmonizes our will with the highest source.

The word “yoga” translates as “yoke.” By definition, the ultimate goal of yoga is to yoke together – or create union – between the soul and our higher source by infusing our daily activities with spiritual intention and mindfulness. By design, then, yoga is a prescription for a complete lifestyle that leads practitioners to a better, more whole and peaceful way of living. They are more connected to themselves; more connected to their bodies; to their minds, hearts and souls; to other life on this planet; to the environment. An asana (yoga posture) is the gateway, yes – but there’s so much more to explore.

How we eat is a key component in all of this because it represents both how we treat and nourish ourselves, how we view, and how we care for the world and its resources around us. We can make food choices that support us in both specific and holistic ways in body, mind, and spirit. With yoga now rampantly practiced throughout the United States, the time is ripe to introduce readers to the next level of their practice, so that they can take their yoga beyond just their mat and onto their plate.

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