Who Goes to Annual Lifestyle Visits?

There are a list of reasons as to why the new way of treatment in healthcare is better than the old way, and it’s why Health Possible forms the partnerships that it does – with doctors AND lifestyle professionals.

For decades, we’ve been (rightfully) taught to normalize consistent visits with medical experts in so many categories. We have annual Primary Care visits with our family doctor, women are getting continuous mammograms and pap-smears while the men have prostate exams, and we cannot forget about our dermatologists, dentists, and the many other preventive appointments our personal situation might call for. These appointments are necessary and often to prevent us from facing life-threatening or emergent health situations.

But what about wellness? Let’s talk about the abnormality of consistent lifestyle visits as a form of structured preventive medicine. This care is seen as less preventive of emergency, meanwhile it does have what is known as the Compound Effect if the behavioral changes are not caught early-on. Then, behavior only becomes more difficult to change the longer they continue.

So, we can eat as great or poorly as we choose each hour of our lives but do you believe that America has normalized ongoing visits or conversations with a Registered Dietitian? How many people have a family Registered Dietitian anyway? My guess would be not nearly as many who have a family Doctor, both of which are vital to our day-to-day health. They are equally as important and one could even stop you from needing the other depending on what the issue is.

The way I see it is that we have four major – what I call – phases of healthcare treatment.

PHASE 1 is the way we treat ourselves, our day-to-day lifestyle (the epitome of a person who lives in a Blue Zone). Zero required foreign influences.

PHASE 2 is a combination of how we treat ourselves with how we are treated by a professional with structured wellness (Not like a person in a Blue Zone, but like a person who lifts weights, a structured wellness activity, for a set time duration, or a Dietitian prescribing us with a meal plan to treat us). This is really the phase of care that Health Possible’s Provider Network provides directly, structured wellness as a form of prevention or treatment, or also known as Alternative Medicine. Our goal is to get you living like Phase 1.

PHASE 3 is a combination of structured wellness activity while undergoing the treatment of a medical professional using western medicine or foreign influences on the body or mind. For example, this person may be a Type 1 or 2 Diabetic who does regularly speak with a Registered Dietitian to manage their diet and condition, as well as their Endocrinologist for evaluations, management, and the use of prescribed insulin.

PHASE 4 is being treated by a medical professional using western medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, having surgery, etc. These are the types of treatments or the phase that would require having outside or foreign influence on our physical or mental being.

Now, what we and I personally aim to do is work people UP the ladder, from Phase 4 to Phase 1, that is truly the health worker’s American dream. In Phase 1, normalizing the low-volume (monthly or annual) consultation with Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Registered Dietitians, and/or Mental Health Counselors, whichever one or more fit your situation.

Working together, we would not just deliver a combined method of treatment, but create a force that could prevent the high costs of them all together.

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