New Hanover Regional Medical Center Joins the Health Possible Provider Network For Lifestyle Medicine

New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s (NHRMC) Cape Fear Heart Associates practice signed its contract to join the Health Possible Provider Network in the name of preventive, holistic, and lifestyle medicine officially on Monday, August 9, 2021.

Beginning in January of 2020, NHRMC formally launched its very own publicly available nine-week prevention program known as “Lifestyle Reset”, designed and directed by Holly Konrady, Stress Management Specialist. Lifestyle Reset is a physically active and educational course led by Exercise Physiologists, Yoga Teachers, Registered Dietitians, Registered Nurses, and more lifestyle and medical professionals as an all-inclusive wellness membership style of care. Each nine-week “cohort” takes place in the NHRMC Cape Fear Heart Associates building located at 1415 Physicians Drive, Wilmington, NC 28401 with a next cohort start date of Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

NHRMC and Health Possible formed their first wave of partnership in 2019 through NHRMC Nunnelee Pediatric Specialty Clinics for patient referrals as a means for Health Possible to perform it’s normal community-wide care coordination and family-specific care payment plans. Both organizations saw great benefit from prior years from the pediatric partnership, which enrolled youth patients into professional running programs, private personal training, and specialist registered dietitians. One of the significant partnership impacts included two siblings seeing their requested weight loss, the making of new friends and social circles from youth athletic programs, improved grades in school, and a complete reversal of the involved teenagers pre-diabetes in less than six months.

When asked what Cape Fear Heart Associates is most excited for about this partnership, Holly Konrady responded, “I love that Health Possible makes health resources available to people of all income levels – as it should be. They treat the whole person from mind, body, to spirit, as we at NHRMC do.”

The Executive Director of Health Possible, Sara Auld, explained, “We could not be more eager to inform our members and the general public that our local hospital system is offering a publicly accessible wellness program. It’s hard to believe that we were even unaware of it for a whole year, however the pandemic effected that. The public generally understands the hospital as emergent care and overall – westernized treatments. So, when your most relied on medical experts are making strides toward being true prevention educators in the community and in a very serious way, it is obvious that the future of healthcare for New Hanover County will be very different and very bright. This means a lot to the Health Possible community.”

With the addition of Cape Fear Heart Associates as an official wellness Provider on network, rather than a patient referral partner or traditional medical or emergency payor partnership, Health Possible will be capable of bringing it’s own members to NHRMC for the network’s known wellness healthcare that the public was quite possibly not expecting. This partnership will allow NHRMC to reach the broader community and promote healthy lifestyles very similar to how local fitness centers and yoga studios do so, a big change in their marketing and impact.

To contact Lifestyle Reset directly, call them at (910)-662-9500. To apply for a Health Possible plan and purchase care through them, visit and Register as a Member.

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