The health benefits of a starting a home garden

More homeowners are working from home and taking on more responsibilities inside the home and at work, leaving less time to focus on stress relieving activities. In this day in age, being more aware and taking care of our mental and physical health is now more important than ever. 

You may be thinking to yourself, how is it that I can accomplish this from my house? The answer is there are lots of ways to reduce stress, improve your mood and overall wellbeing only a few feet from your sofa!  

One of these ways, includes creating a garden or maintaining a landscaped yard.  Finding yourself with a green thumb, may not be something that you may have ever considered, or thought gardening could ever be synonymous to a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how gardening can not only promote a healthier lifestyle but improve our mental health state. 

  • Exposing yourself to fresh air while gardening or doing yard work strengthens your immune system. Fresh Air and increasing our daily oxygen intake, strengthens our lungs and in turn, helps our bodies fight off illnesses more effectively. 
  • Our surroundings can have a significant effect on our everyday disposition and temperaments. Surrounding ourselves in calm, low stress and green environments such as a garden can improve our mood and increase clarity.
  • Additionally, maintaining an outdoor garden exposes us to natural Vitamin D from the Sun. Getting a natural and sufficient source of Vitamin D improves resistance against certain diseases in addition to supporting a positive mental health state. 
  • Using your time away from technology to connect with your family and loved ones to strengthen your connection and create strong family bonds. 

With a lot of our time now spent at home, let’s get our hands dirty, and explore the benefits of both improving your health while improving the aesthetic of your home! 

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