Gronkowski Brothers Donate to Health Possible CrossFit Event

On Saturday, October 23, 2021 Health Possible was the beneficiary of the CrossFit CB Fitness Classic competition and fundraiser, initiated and directed by the nonprofit’s donors, Sean and Elizabeth (Liz) Moore, hosted by CrossFit Carolina Beach (CB) – Joel Hartzler, and assisted by Health Possible’s Executive Director, Sara Auld.

With a few months of preparation, the directing crew brought together a total of 46 CrossFit competitors from the Wilmington and Raleigh areas, a cheering audience, a parkinglot expo, and sponsors that included: HybridAF, Vida-Flo (Wilmington), Clean Juice (Mayfaire), Green Compass, Conquer Movement Physical Therapy, Fragile Flower Barbell Club, FE Prints, Copper Penny, Crush and Grind, as well as Shark Tank’s famous feature – IceShaker.

IceShaker is owned by all five Gronkowski brothers: Chris, Rob, Gordie, Dan, and Glenn, Gronkowski, however Chris Gronkowski – a former Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos player – is the inventor and CEO of IceShaker who directly donated the custom printed “CrossFit CB Fitness Classic” bottles to the finalists.

The IceShaker brand is known for its innovative evolution of the protein shaker, appearance on Shark Tank, and their support of the military. The support and gift from the Gronkowski brothers was a perfect alignment for the cause, and made a wellness nonprofit event all-the-Moore special.

Thank you to Sean Moore for coordinating this special gift.

Sean Moore, Liz Moore, Patricia Jones, and Trevor Hall (CrossFitters & Health Possible Volunteers)

A congratulations is in order to all of those who competed on Saturday. We saw that being a CrossFitter is NO easy feat while athletes nearly collapsed off of equipment and hit the floor, all in an attempt to take first place home. The hearts of these people to go all-out, doing what they love for something they have worked so hard toward was very special to witness.

Another congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who came out to support Health Possible. Your donations from this event directly sponsor memberships within our cost sharing community.

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