1% Better Every Day

In the most recent nine years of my life, my ability to take care of myself changed drastically from a debilitating surgery, to re-learning how to walk, to having eight total surgeries on one of my legs since. This series of events concluded in the start of my depression and unimaginable weight gain.

In light of what became an ongoing uphill battle, I made the difficult decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery. The decision was hard, but right for me and aided in my loss of approximately 183 pounds. Shockingly, I cannot believe the improvements this surgery has brought me in the last two and a half years. This was a very situational step that I needed to take to allow me to start bettering my life, one day at a time, and in the right direction.

Beyond weight loss, gastric bypass surgery also led to the elimination of a pre-diabetes diagnosis, which then mentally changed my entire outlook and perspective on life. This was not only the right decision for my physical health, but I was finally and suddenly happy again.

I actually enjoy life now.

I love going to the gym, which inherently controls my weight and reinforces the success of this surgery. Looking to get better and better every day, my Doctor recommended that I start pool therapy, so I did, and I love it.

As of today, one year after a double bone fusion surgery, I am finally able to walk without assistance for short periods of time. You cannot imagine the joy and relief this brings a person who was in a wheel chair for eight months. It’s important that my readers know that I don’t let these circumstances stop me from contributing, giving back, and taking part in the world and others lives: While I live on a very fixed income since my experience, I spend every chance I get volunteering in the Wilmington, NC community with nonprofits like The Disability Resource Center and serving on the Board of Directors for the Bread for Life Senior Ministry – an organization that feeds our food-insecure senior citizens. Volunteering is something I can do on my own time, stay connected, moving, motivated, and contributing.

My biggest personal health goal is to continue making forward progress through pool therapy, which unfortunately became out of my financial reach lately. I still use the fitness center resources I can that do not require oversight and monitoring.

In November of 2021, I was referred to Health Possible by the Wellness Director of my fitness center and pool as a means to continue my aquatics regimen, and after speaking with their staff I actually hope to work for the organization one day soon.

I stay motivated every single day to be the best version of myself, staying positive, and I realize that there are so many people out there who don’t have it quite as good as I still do. It is a gift to make even 1% forward progress any day of the week, let alone every day of the week. I am 1% better every day.

I’m hopeful that my story can be motivation for someone who might be struggling, I’m here for you, and know that you are not working at this alone. Millions of other people are working hard with you – this is your sign to keep on keeping on!

Will you join us to send this positive woman back into pool therapy this holiday season? We are raising money for her care at Cambridge Fitness Center, which is $99 per month.

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