Prayer, People, and Whatever It Takes

At the age of 72, I have a son in his 40’s who I still care for, as he suffers from epilepsy and chronic depression. We find ourselves making frequent visits to the hospital and just recently spent some time in the ICU – but thankfully, we’re home again.

In the last three to five years my life has been stagnant more than anything, I hate to say or admit that little has improved… I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, struggle with a lot of back pain, and did enroll in disability, however I can thankfully get around well still. In May of 2021, I thought I would need another back surgery, but through the power of my churches prayers – significant prayers – I avoided that surgery.

I really do believe in prayer.

I have five children I’ve raised. This year, however, I lost my 51 year old daughter, who was a nurse, to a blood clot. I’m still fighting that to this day now, and her younger sister is having a terrible time with it. I’m trying to get myself in a good place while still taking care of my son and be there for all of my kids. I am still the sole source of my son’s housing and food.

I feel like giving up a lot but people keep telling me that God has me here for a reason, and I keep trying to find that.

One of my biggest healers and something I do to pull myself out of hard times is volunteer. I volunteer with my churches and the missionaries often. I run into times that I become so depressed, and it’s too difficult to even stand up, but volunteerism helps me through my own things. I get to see new places, meet new people, and become grateful for factors of my life again. A really memorable experience for me was about four years ago when I went on a missionary trip to New Mexico, which got my mind off of my whole life.

I see a Counselor as well as a Psychiatrist to help with my depression – sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t – but for the times that it does, I still find that worth it.

Now, I’m facing yet another obstacle both financially and in health. I recently visited the dentist hoping to get fit for a pair of dentures – you wouldn’t believe how important smiling is to your confidence, mental health, and actual self-created feelings of happiness. It is amazing. But, the dentist declined the dentures and informed me that I need to see an oral surgeon for $85.00, get some gum tissue removed, and then would actually require implants rather than dentures. It’s all so frustrating and upsetting.

If I knew some way I could do this on my own, I would, but I just cannot figure out how. I tried to figure out things on my own, and do in a lot of instances, but I have nobody by my side. So, finally, I called United Way’s NC 211 line and they redirected me to Health Possible.

My biggest obstacles right now are finances because even with Medicare and a supplemental Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, neither help with dental care; having a community or friends because I live rurally and am still a care-taker at 72; and just doing life all alone. I’m hopeful that Health Possible can help me find a community – friends – in Wilksboro, NC, and help me through my current dental procedure.

I would love to be there for others like me, be there for people who need social and community help, because I understand that a wonderful life takes relationships. I will get there.

Can you join us in coming around this anonymous woman in Wilksboro, NC and donate a visit the oral surgeon, undergo the necessary treatment(s), and/or get her smile back again? We are diligently looking for a means to a community and friendships for her in her town. Donate now!