Wellness Habits to Adopt at Home


Adopting a healthy lifestyle and establishing good habits at home can make it easier for us to stay on track when we experience things such as stress from the workplace, current events or even family life in general. 

When we think about the phrases “healthy lifestyle” and “good habits”, we might associate these words with maintaining a nutritious diet and exercising, which of course promotes good health – but are there any other daily habits you’ve considered putting into practice at home to increase overall wellness? Let’s talk about what else you can incorporate to create smart healthy habits while at home! 

1.     Sticking to a daily schedule – Create a daily and detailed schedule that you can easily follow everyday using your day planner, phone calendar or whatever system works best for you. Once you establish and stick to a regimented daily routine, this becomes second nature and easier to work more efficiently throughout the day. For example, this schedule can include activities such as making your bed every morning, taking a walk, scheduling your mealtimes and time away from your desk.

2.     Plan for the next day – Preparing for the following day is equally important as creating your daily schedule. Allow yourself 30 minutes of quiet time in the evening to review your upcoming day. This will allow you to prepare for your day without distraction and write a list of necessary items you will need to have ready upon waking to keep your day flowing smoothly. 

3.     Establish a nighttime routine – This doesn’t have to be a difficult task! Establishing a nighttime routine creates habits to assist with a more restful sleep. A nighttime routine can include decompressing with a warm shower, turning off electronics at least 30 minutes before bed, or setting a sleep alarm ensuring that you get an ample amount of sleep per night. 

4.     Boost your nutrition – This doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are a number of healthy meal preparation and meal delivery companies that will prepare and deliver fresh meals right to your home! If you’re in the business of home making your food, try scoping out your nearest bookstore and grabbing a healthy cookbook for you and your family to prepare together at home! 

5.     Get outside – Whether you walk, bike, rollerblade, or play outside, enjoying the outdoors together can help get some much-needed exercise. Instead of turning on morning cartoons, go for a walk around the neighborhood. Plan a weekend bike ride or rollerblade to the nearby playground. Or, instead of heading to the movie theater, play soccer, volleyball, or badminton in your backyard.

We often underestimate the impact of having a daily routine, but establishing and adopting healthy habits at home can help us increase our overall wellness, commit to a more healthy lifestyle and better achieve workplace and personal goals! 

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