Now Calling All Social Innovators and Social Entrepreneurs

Health Possible is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation raising money to reduce and cover the costs of holistic health and wellness services for those who cannot afford them.

Founded in 2017, Health Possible has raised in-kind wellness product donations, in-kind service donations, plus over $268,000 from local to major people and brands including Chris Gronkowski and his company IceShaker, Homeside Financial, Hagood Homes (lifetime leading sponsor), Jeff Gordon Chevrolet, Jennifer & Jonas Pate known for their show creations “Feel Ageless” and the Netflix series “Outer Banks“, Jason Thompson (New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) Board Chair) and his company American Property Experts, Red Legacy, Clean Juice, and more.

35 Stand On Our Shoulders

Improving the lives of 35 scholars in five years with one to three new enrollments each month now, Health Possible has successfully curbed pre-diabetics to normalcy, created new youth athletes, and slashed the costs of beneficiaries prescription drugs by tens of thousands of dollars, which is often paid for by Medicaid (and American tax-payer dollars). In just 2019, the organization saw all beneficiaries income increase by an average of 49%. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other government run organizations often show that the wealthier a person, the healthier they are too. At Health Possible, we are witnesses to the healthier someone becomes, the wealthier they also become.

Health Possible is on a mission to increase the societal value of personal and community health, so that the world prioritizes and commands an early investment in 360° wellness.

Let’s break that down: this means that in every project that Health Possible executes, it’s end goal is to increase a prospective donors perceived value in community health to gain or level-up a donor; increase the public’s perceived value in personal health to gain a new wellness user, regardless of their financial situation; and to get both parties to either invest in themselves or others.

Experimenting for Greater Change


An untraditional nonprofit, known for it’s passion for innovation and willingness to take risks toward scalable change in both philanthropy and healthcare, in 2020 Health Possible took its earliest creation of a Microsoft Excel based income verification calculator, created by Founder, Sara Auld, and partner, Sonny Jones, to a proprietary sliding-scale FinTech software. By late 2021, the software and nonprofit’s provider network was acquired by new wellness tech startup, Upper.


Then innovating Health Possible’s marketing efforts in early 2021, it launched a website blog that gained traction and support from wellness bloggers and content creators around the world. Their content contributions collectively took the nonprofits website traffic from roughly 20 visitors per month to a whopping 1,200 with over 2,400 views just months later.

There are many more in depth and innovative marketing strategies to come. All of which, just like any successful for-profit corporation, are designed to scale fundraising and impact to broaden and deepen our reach. Health Possible is doing great things, and we are dedicated to growing that!


Around the same time in January of 2021, newly sworn-in Board Chair, Michelle Sumrall, presented the Board with a membership driven fundraising initiative centered around local organic farm fresh foods and drinks, culture, and a donor’s social, healthy, lifestyle. This initiative became the organization’s secret supper club, which immediately sold out its founding 30 memberships. Now an over-subscribed club with 40 members, the club has raised over $23,000 just on memberships and the first exclusive event. There are three more to go in the 2022 year.

Growth Mindset

So what is Health Possible focused on in 2022 and beyond? Covering the expense of care in a lifelong effective way for those who cannot afford it, of course!

Health Possible has excelled and failed at projects over the years, experienced a process of elimination at times for what strategy works and doesn’t work in every department. Through it all, our end-goal is raising money, paying for care, and saving lives long-term.

We are calling on like-minded people like you, our supporters, to join us as Health Possible takes community marketing to the next level. Focused on promoting it’s mission, bringing those together who share our beliefs, changing the narratives in healthcare, wellness, and nonprofits, through more consistent and powerful communication with field experts, business owners, and our beneficiaries, we will be hyper-focused on our storytelling, website blog content, social media channels, and speech platforms. Effective digital marketing and communication will become one of Health Possible’s leading key fundraising tools in Q3 and Q4 of 2022.

Are You One of Us?

If you are a giving person who also practices and believes in the power of a proactive lifestyle, you can help us make holistic health and wellness services more affordable for many, including your OWN loved ones and colleagues. Here’s how:

  • Become a writer for our website blog once per week.
  • Interview us on a podcast or talk show.
  • Donate as little as $5 (or one latte 😉 per month.
  • Share your story and why you support Health Possible on your social media, and tag us.
  • Become a Champion who gets paid to fundraise (details coming soon).

For Influential Brands and People

If you are a business owner or marketing officer who spends dollars with media or ad agencies, have you ever considered donating those same dollars, making them tax-deductible dollars, to charitable organizations with substantial audiences who can publicly thank and talk about your brand in so many ways? Or, maybe even collaborate with your brand in paid advertising?

Talk about “scale,” marketing is how it happens.

Reach out to us at or (910) 800-0287. When you support Health Possible, we support you back by making sure our audience is aware of the social impact that your personal or corporate brand has on its local community.

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