Do you need help affording holistic health or wellness care? If yes, you’re not alone.

Millions of people are struggling to afford wellness healthcare. We know – we’ve been around since 2017, helped dozens so far, and identified over at least 16,000,000 more. It’s crazy because a proactive lifestyle should really be what America refers to as “primary care” since it is the one necessary investment that keeps us from getting sick, thus living long and well. Luckily, we’ve also identified a community of donors who are here to help with this. We’ve got it covered.

What is Health Possible?

Health Possible is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation, headquartered in North Carolina, that provides proprietary financial verification technology and community sponsorships (financial aid) for holistic health and wellness care.

We financially aid almost any fitness, nutrition, and mental health services with licensed and certified professionals (only).

What is Wellness Financial Aid (WFA)?

It means a lot of people want to help you get and stay well, plain and simple.

Currently accepting applicants who fall within or below the 12% annual federal tax bracket, our application process requires proof of income, taxes, and other financial data, we’ve developed an algorithm, corporation policies, and guidelines that tell us how much financial help we should be willing to give, plus how much they should be capable of handling on their own.

But that’s not all: We have a whole team of advocates and representatives, our own optional wellness program, and a lifelong community of people (our meetup group) just like the beneficiary that comes along with financial aid.

The Experience

When someone qualifies for and accepts enrollment into Health Possible, they are joining a community of people for life, who came here for an opportunity to change and improve their life forever. We take our beneficiaries efforts and needs very seriously.

How much financial aid can I get?

While all awards are 100% contingent on the beneficiaries income and personal budget, Health Possible reserves a maximum of $200 per beneficiary per month in assistance, for a maximum of six consecutive months.

$200 x 6 months = $1,200 maximum financial aid.

Does it cost anything to apply?

Of course not! That would be silly, wouldn’t it?

So, go ahead, apply! You’ll learn so many more details as you go.

We encourage you to share Health Possible with anyone you know who may need our help! If you love what we do but do not necessarily need our help, we would love to have you as a donor. Anyway, just copy and paste or this page and start sharing! Thank you!