• You believe in bringing 360° wellness to life through personal responsibility, access, support, and education in communities across America.

  • A person or group is seeking various kinds of wellness or ongoing preventive healthcare such as: physical therapy, personal training, other fitness or sports programs, registered dietitians, nutritionists, cooking classes, gardening education, mental health counselors, financial health counseling or coaching, a holistic or lifestyle oriented medical professional, sleep specialist, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and more.

  • Each individual can either apply for a discount before entering the Custom Wellness Plan™ building experience, or not seek a discount on care and begin building their own custom plan from our Provider Network and each Provider’s advertised services at full market cost.

  • If a discount application is submitted, our proprietary software calculates qualifying discounts, and our staff reviews and approves or denies the overall application.

  • The Member receives automated emails regarding their account and ongoing application status.

  • The Member is sent a link to begin shopping and building in our care market per the appropriate pricing (standard vs. discounted).

  • Once their Custom Wellness Plan™ is built, they enter checkout and digital contract signing.

  • Automated emails are sent to the Member and the Member’s custom Provider team with Plan details, and requested to begin scheduling appointments accordingly (we will integrate scheduling softwares soon).

  • Custom Wellness Plans™ automatically renew and charge monthly up to the number of months chosen by the Member at checkout. Plans are a maximum of 12 months before renewal or re-application is required.

  • The Member attends appointments according to Plan, grows into their Provider support team, new community, and achieves healthy-paced progress and results.

  • The Member never wants to leave.